Professional Mixing and Mastering Services

Think you recorded your first hit? Think again. Before admiring your “magnum opus,” listening to it over and over, and allowing it to hit the airwaves, make sure that your song has been reviewed by a sound mixing professional.

Like any novelist needs an editor, you too, need the help of an experienced mix master to polish your song. Our professional mixing and mastering services will help you polish your track to perfection. Just choose which package suits you below, then upload your audio files to our secure, proprietary platform. Our experienced audio engineers and producers will take care of the rest. 


Make your demos stand out. We offer several packages for individual track or whole album mixing to suit your budget and requirements. Each track will be mixed using industry standard tools, techniques and benchmarks, but please feel free to share your ideas so that we can factor your own style and input in the final track. From track cleanup to voice enhancement, we got you covered.


US$30 per five tracks

Add $35 to Master the 5 tracks


US$60 per 15 tracks

Add $35 to Master the 14 tracks


US$100 for 30 tracks and over

Add $75 Master

Mastering Services

We offer individual track mastering services for $25 per song. Please get in touch with us if you need a record master to work with you for input.

What we need

To help us produce the best work possible, please ensure that you supply us the following information, and meet the requirements below:

  • Track name, number and name of artist
  • Make sure that the mix did not implement any effects and is absolutely in its rawest state.
  • Ensure that the peak is within the -6db standard limit.
  • The dithering should be fixed to “none.”
  • Ensure that the file format is 24-bit WAV files, and the stereo track is between 44.1 and 48.0 khz.

Please make sure that songs are properly mixed if you’ve chosen only the mastering service. We highly value the quality of our product and reserve the right to refuse materials we determine do not meet professional standards.

We estimate to finish each project within 24 to 48 hours; however, kindly note that the turnaround time is still contingent on how many tracks we have in the queue. You will be notified daily as to your position in the queue.