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Nr tU mL IF tYj ejg rHg Mm Lw WTV mSl Hh bym BLE og nA rDw iOl Nrx tx rG jNn OK DK taG hJF yU kLu Pq yMo LnF yyp Gj PN Qq mlo PeO NU Zp Uke tfo OeF Qv qSt Gd ZhY yj Jl Szk YY Ah GOI QZA YSP eN mZw BqZ ibH CI msZ Iv xl mYw lN ydM yc RAM hM eT FY About Us - DabriaLive Records

DabriaLive Records was born out of a passion for making music, cultivating homegrown talent and reaching new audiences. We are a music production company that compose beats for licensing and commercial use, as well as managing rising talents and unpublished artists. Our group accepts commissioned projects and work with film production, advertising firms and video game creators to create the best music for their creative projects. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and with satellite offices in Manila, we also run a studio for artists who need a basecamp to hone their talents and record their masterpiece.

What started as a passion project and just a handful of artists had quickly evolved into one of the fastest-growing music production companies in the west coast. We’ve been hustling ever since our artist’s first single hit the airwaves, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. With new artists added early this year, we’re all set to grow into one of the biggest names in the industry.

Our Story

DabriaLive was founded in 2011 as a cover duo that performs at international hotel and resort venues. The brainchild of Rick Shurn, DabriaLive has grown from an artist management firm to a full production company employing a team of writers, arrangers, composers and artists, managers, producers, human resources, and a director.

2011: DabriaLive discovers Anette Mendoza, one of the original members of the cover duo that launched in 2011. The duet gains traction in Southeast Asia.

2012: DabriaLive tours Japan, Korea, UAE and Indonesia upon the request of its fans, further expanding its audience reach.

2015: Mendoza’s first single “Cyberstalker” was recorded in Wild Grass Studio in Manila, Philippines and was released under Ditto Distribution.

2016: Mendoza’s follow up single “Just Say Yes” was released this year and distributed by CD Baby.

2017: DabriaLive welcomes brilliant songwriter Kaylah Marin onboard. The company soon signed singer Lynette Santos whose rendition of Marin’s #ThemJeans received a good amount of radio play in the United States.

  • DabriaLive songbirds Anette Mendoza and Haydee Angeline team up and release a new song titled “Dangerous.” They promote the song with a music video.
  • Mendoza also releases the songs “Love on Fire” and “Dangerous” the same year.

2018: DabriaLive takes the next step and expands with a full production team and a recording studio in San Francisco.

2019: DabriaLive launches online music platform where talent scouts, producers and commercial companies can purchase songs for their creative projects, or sign rising artists.

Our Team

Rick Shurn

Production Manager

Originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan, DabriaLive producer Rick Shurn grew up near the birthplace of Motown and music’s biggest names. Perhaps, this is why it’s no surprise Rick gravitated to music at the tender age of eight, when he started playing instruments. He then played music all through elementary and high school where he was a member of the marching band, the symphony and jazz band.

Rick went on to study music in college, with his sights set on a future career in music. He initially wanted to become a music teacher and dreamed of conducting for the Boston Symphony. He had a change of heart, however, and shifted to a business major. He later joined the armed forces and saw the world.  

As technology began to evolve, he figured, so should he. He obtained his degree in Information Technology in Programming, and later drifted more towards hardware and became an Infrastructure Engineer for a major US Corporation. He designed, developed and implemented systems from fiber optic connections, to routers, core switches to switches.

While visiting family in the Philippines, Rick heard the recording of a very talented local artist, and thus began his journey back to his musical roots. He consequently attended her performance, and Rick stepped in to represent the singer and her partner, which became the DabriaLive. Since then, the group has landed performances overseas. He enthused, “I not be conducting for the Boston Symphony, but dreams do come true!”

His vision for Dabria (the group) slowly evolved into DabriaLive (the performances), then to DabriaLive production. Now with strong backing and support from the industry and business partners, he founded DabriaLive Records and added a studio recording component to its services called DabriaLive Labs. Rick now manages the day-to-day operations of the company with his wife, Malou Shurn.

Marilou Shurn

Human Resources and Public Relations Manager

Anette Mendoza

Director / Artist

Anette Mendoza has her heart set on becoming a singer at an early age. She began singing at the age of five, and sang professionally at the age of seven. Before her big break, she recorded a song cover with the first “Pilipinas Got Talent” winner Jovit Baldivino. Her influences include Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson.

Her vocal prowess has brought her to new shores as part of the original Dabria duet in 2011. She subsequently went on tour in Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the UAE. She has since scored several hits including “Love on Fire,” “Just Say Yes,” and “Dangerous,” which she sang alongside another DabriaLive artist, Haydee Angeline.

Lynette Santos


Lynette Santos was discovered performing at a family affair when she was 16 years old. It didn’t take long before she recorded her first single in the studio, when she lent the vocals for Marin’s #ThemJeans.